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Cheenu’s Brahmins Catering Services offers services in different manner for different occasions like Brahmins Marriage, Iyer wedding, birthday, anniversary and other formal or informal parties. Engaged in providing excellent vgetarian catering services as per the demand of the client. we offer multi cuisine options and special and royal South Indian treats. Offered in unique style, we fulfill the clients’ entire requirements within client’s budget without compromising the quality and services. From past 25 years, we are dedicated towards making your special events & marriages an unforgettable event. Cheenus provides various catering services such as Brahmins out door catering services, Hindu marriage vegetarian food caterer services, Brahmins marraige caterers, Catering services for Brahmins special functions etc. While offering our services we give prime importance to every minute detail, personal services and spectacular / hygienic food. Ranging from small gathering to large festivities, we have all the caterer resources that can convert Brahmins event into an unforgettable one for you as well as your guests.

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